Notice of Cooperative Agreement Award: Inclusivity Strategic Consulting

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Notice of Single Source Cooperative Agreement Award
This announcement is not a request for applications. This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Council on Disability’s award of financial assistance for the following project without competition.
Project Title: Subminimum Wage and Supported Employment
Anticipated Federal Funding: $100,000
Anticipated Period of Performance: 4 months
Statutory Authority: 29 U.S.C 783(b)(2)(C)
CFDA #: 92.002
Basis for Single Source Justification: Unique Qualifications
Project Overview:
The objective of this Agreement is to conduct a study to supplement NCD’s 2012 report Subminimum Wage and Supported Employment, by identifying and examining: (1) the characteristics of for-profit businesses that utilize 14(c) certificates; (2) data reflecting multiyear trends of usage of 14(c) certificates by for-profit businesses and the methods used by those businesses to employ people with disabilities at subminimum wage; (3) how businesses employ nonprofit 14(c) workshops to fulfill their supply chains. The report will also analyze why the Department of Education has signaled an intent to issue a notice of proposed rulemaking in September 2018 pertaining to the definitions found in WIOA, including the definition of Integrated Competitive Employment and provide success stories of 14(c) certificate employers who have transitioned away from using 14(c) certificates and embraced integrated supported employment models. Inclusivity and NCD will assemble experts to write and produce a 100-page report that will include findings and recommendations for the President, Congress and other federal agencies pertaining to subminimum wage and integrated competitive employment. NCD will have substantial involvement in the study and drafting of the report, including providing guidance on subject matter and structure.
The recipient, Inclusivity Strategic Consulting at Brown, Goldstein and Levy, LLP (Inclusivity), is uniquely suited to fulfill the purpose of this agreement. Inclusivity is led by two of the nation’s preeminent civil rights attorneys, and is a national leader in identifying barriers to equal access and opportunity for people with disabilities and in providing salient and reasoned legal and policy solutions. Inclusivity personnel are nationally known for litigation policy work in advancing the rights of people with disabilities to move from subminimum wage in segregated employment to competitive and integrated employment, and Inclusivity has a deep understanding and a proven method in which to identify sheltered workshops, used by corporations and businesses, that provide goods for its supply chain. Additionally, personnel have worked on multi agency efforts to address federal policy developments in disability employment programs nationwide, provided counsel and advice and collaborated across the Federal Government regarding the ADA, Fair Labor Standards Act, and WIOA.
For further information contact:
Amy Nicholas
Attorney Advisor
National Council on Disability
1331 F St. NW., Suite 850
Washington DC 20004