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NCD Shutdown Plan in Absence of Appropriations

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Agency Shutdown Plan
September 25, 2018

1. PURPOSE: To provide the National Council on Disability’s (“NCD”) policy guidance and instructions for actions to be taken when Congress fails to enact either regular appropriations, a continuing resolution, or needed supplemental, resulting in an interruption of fund availability. In the absence of appropriations:

• NCD officers may not incur any obligations that cannot lawfully be funded from prior appropriations unless such obligations are otherwise authorized by law.

• NCD officers may incur obligations as necessary for orderly termination of an agency's functions, but funds may not be disbursed.

2. SCOPE: This plan applies to all NCD personnel including the nine Special Government Employees (private citizen Presidential and Congressional appointees.)

3. POLICY: In order to execute an orderly shutdown, the following information is provided:

• Estimated time to complete shutdown: One half-day;

• Number of on-board employees prior to execution: 10;

• Number of employees retained under plan: 0;

• Executive Director will notify OMB that shutdown procedures have initiated;

• Financial Management Analyst will notify building management of shutdown status;

• Executive Director will notify all agency personnel of shutdown status and will initiate action to issue furlough notices and other instructions as appropriate;

• Financial Management Analyst will direct Contracting Officer's Representatives to notify agency contractors of shutdown status and other instructions as appropriate;

• Executive Director will direct Network Consultant to ensure servers and other IT equipment are secured; and

• Agency personnel will be instructed to obtain information from news outlets for when a continuing resolution or an FY 2019 appropriation has been approved and that they will be expected to return to work on their next regularly scheduled work day.


• OMB Circular No. A-ll (2015), Section 124.2, pages 1-2

• OMB Memo M-13-22, Planning for Agency Operations during a Potential Lapse in Appropriations (and attachments), September 17, 2013.

5. REVIEW: This Agency Shutdown Plan has been prepared and reviewed by the undersigned. It complies with guidance provided in the reference documents.



Neil Romano